We exist to create world-class spaces that inspire and excite.


We’re an independent, design-led furniture company, helping interior design professionals, businesses and organisations of all sizes create innovative, industry-leading spaces around the world.

We bring our design-led approach, impartiality and unique knowledge and expertise to deliver solutions that embody your vision, and provide long-term strategic value.


We work for you

We take the time to understand your strategy and goals, and work as part of your team to curate and deliver furniture solutions that work for you – both now and in the long-term. With access to over 500 manufacturers around the world, alongside direct factory sourcing and innovative design capabilities, our approach is always uniquely tailored to meet your needs.

We make it simple

We understand the complexities that come with specifying, sourcing and delivering furniture in a wide range of contexts and locations. Our expert team is here to guide you from concept through to project completion and beyond – keeping the process as simple as possible whilst minimising risk and hassle.

We deliver world-class spaces

Our ability to create effective, design-led solutions that meet our clients’ requirements and provide strategic value is at the centre of everything we do. Whether you’re targeting a specific aesthetic to reflect your brand, striving for environmental excellence, or looking to improve the wellbeing of your staff or customers (or a combination of multiple goals), we have the dedication and expertise to help you get there.


We chose to partner with The Furniture Practice as they came to us with a structured process, which fit well with how we were running the programme. We also felt that the TFP would work well with both Ashurst stakeholders and the key construction teams. Our decision proved correct as TFP were able to work with us, leveraging their tremendous knowledge of the market, buying power to secure what we needed and to deliver this within budget.
Sanjay Mazumder, Programme Director, Ashurst