Edelman, a leading global PR consultancy, embarked on a journey to redefine its approach to work, placing collaboration, creativity and community at its core. Relocating to Francis House, a historic 1902 warehouse, provided the ideal stage for this transformation.

London, UK
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Transformative ways of working

Inspired by the energetic diversity found within London, the goal for Edelman’s new home was to cultivate a village-like culture within the workplace, emphasising community and flexibility. To achieve this, Gensler designed 24 different space typologies that cater to various work styles. In addition to the open-plan areas, five mezzanines were introduced to offer private zones, and several nooks and lounges were added to cater to different needs and preferences.

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Vibrant design

Francis House stands out with its exposed pillars and double-height windows that flood the space with natural light, creating a cosy yet dynamic atmosphere. To complement the building’s blend of old and new, a bold and vibrant approach was taken in selecting furniture, with a mix of refurbished vintage pieces, contemporary designs and reused items from Edelman’s previous offices.

As the appointed furniture consultant, we collaborated closely with Gensler to carefully select products, materials and colours that would create distinct moods for different areas while remaining aligned with the overall design vision. Products included bespoke coloured workstations and fabrics with contrasting colours and patterns to differentiate between high and low energy spaces.

We organised showroom tours and workshops to find exactly the right products for the project, and coordinated detailed meetings with the design team to finalise finishes and fabrics.

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In with the old

Retaining and refurbishing existing furniture and utilising vintage furniture contributed to cost-effectiveness and sustainability, amounting to 25% of the specification overall. We procured and reupholstered vintage pieces, achieving a harmonious blend of old and new and adding character to the space. Additionally, we managed Edelman’s existing furniture, conducting an audit, identifying reuse opportunities and facilitating refurbishment, cleaning and the relocation of furniture to site.

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Fostering social impact

Custom rugs, developed in collaboration with Totzke and Gensler, not only enhance Edelman’s new workplace environment but have also helped to fund education initiatives, extending Edelman’s impact beyond the workplace. Totzke allocates 10% of profits to Project Mala, an action programme aimed at abolishing child labour in the hand-knotted carpet industry in India. The programme provides education up to secondary school level, midday meals and healthcare facilities for all children.

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Adding final touches

In addition to supplying loose and systems furniture for the project, our in-house stylist was appointed to enhance the space with accessories and artwork, adding character and reflecting organisational values. Sourced pieces included a wide range of vintage items and unique design-led pieces, books and games.

Photography by: Billy Bolton
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