We are a certified B Corp!

March 22, 2023

TFP has joined the B Corp community of 6,000+ visionary businesses across 80+ countries legally committed to balancing purpose and profit.


The B Impact Assessment and our commitment

Having begun the journey to B Corp certification in October 2021, we are excited to have reached this milestone on our mission to progress our business sustainability goals, including our net zero commitment by 2040, and work with our clients and partners to help lead the furniture industry into a more sustainable future.

The B Corp movement (the B standing for ‘Benefit for all’) is transforming the global economy to benefit all people, communities, and the planet. To become B Corp certified, businesses must achieve a verified score of 80+ points in the B Impact Assessment - a tool that measures operations across five impact areas: Governance, Environment, Customers, Community and Workforce.

We are proud to have scored 85, demonstrating TFP’s high-standard performance, transparency and accountability across these areas. As much as the assessment results are a validation of what we have achieved and how we are currently working, the B Corp certification represents a crucial vehicle for our improvement: helping to drive us forward, highlighting areas we need to change and framing our next steps for development and innovation.

TFP's B Impact Assessment Score

"The process to becoming a B Corp has been incredibly valuable and takes our already robust foundations in environmental and social sustainability a significant step further," explains our Head of Sustainability, Phil Towle. "As well as highlighting our work so far, our forthcoming Impact Report will outline the crucial next steps for continued improvement to reach both near and long-term goals, including our roadmap to net zero carbon."

To maintain certification, B Corps must update their B Impact Assessment and verify their updated score every three years. As part of this commitment, we will measure our entire climate impact, including Scope 3 emissions and renew our certification to meet evolving standards. The accreditation will therefore offer our clients and the project teams we collaborate with continued confidence in our understanding of the sustainability performance across all our operations as well as the credentials of the brands and furniture we supply.

Journey to improvement

The B Corp certification is a substantial addition to the commitments we have already made in our journey to improvement, as we aim to be carbon neutral across TFP operations by 2025. We are a Climate Positive Workforce through Ecologi and last year joined the Race to Zero through Planet Mark, committing to net zero carbon by 2040.

We are also members of several valuable collaborative networks, including UKGBC and Sustainable Design Collective, which bring together all parts of the industry to help identify challenges and help drive ‘best practice’.

Matt Davies, our Director of Sustainability, commented: "We are incredibly excited to be part of the most well-known and respected community of businesses that are shaping themselves into a force for good. One of TFP’s values is ‘how can we do this even better?", which aligns with the B Corp movement’s vision and principles. We have an incredibly committed team of people who are passionate about working with all areas of the industry to drive sustainability excellence and working with integrity and care for people and the planet."

We’re especially happy to announce the news during B Corp month, which takes place every March. We look forward to continuing to work with our clients, partners and suppliers and the entire TFP team to help shape a more sustainable and equitable future for our industry and beyond.

Interested in becoming a B Corp?

Anyone can go to the B Corp site and take a confidential and free assessment to see how their business measures up to other companies in the following categories: Governance, Workers, Community, Environment and Customers.

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See TFP's full B Impact Score here.

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