BASF’s new UK headquarters at Stockport Exchange – an award-winning scheme at the heart of the town – creates a welcoming, calming and engaging environment focused on activity-based working for over 200 employees.

5plus Architects
Stockport, UK
BASF interior

Driven by the company's corporate global strategy and 'Future of Work' concept, the design of the new headquarters homes in on BASF's core values – agility, empowerment, digitalisation and collaboration.

BASF interior

The office is split across two floors with a central connecting staircase made for creative collisions and chance encounters. In addition to individual and team-based working spaces and meeting rooms, there's a library, games area, wellness room, flexible café and an events space that opens onto a huge terrace.

The project kicked off just as the first national COVID-19 lockdown came into effect in the UK. Undeterred, we adapted to new ways of working to provide consultancy, procurement, project management and installation services. Fortunately, our extensive product and supply chain knowledge meant we could deliver to the challenging fit-out programme, hitting key milestones and bringing the project in on budget.

BASF interior
Photography by Tom Bird

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