We strive to be the most caring, innovative and effective furniture company with the world’s best supply chain.

For over 18 years, we have collaborated with architects, designers and corporate clients to deliver projects of all sizes and budgets. As an independent furniture company, we have excellent relationships with over 450 manufacturers. This enables us to offer a truly objective, design-led service, thus ensuring the best possible solution for our clients.


Over the last 18 years, our highly experienced team has successfully delivered furniture solutions ranging from offices and schools, to bars and restaurants. Today, our team is made up of 12 account managers, 7 project managers, 3 accountants and 2 marketing coordinators.

We are supportive, meticulous and extremely knowledgeable. By working closely with our clients to fully understand their needs, we are able to offer consistent and clear guidance throughout the whole process of buying furniture; from consultation and product selection to delivery, installation and aftercare.

  • Imogen Bailey
    Imogen Bailey
    Diploma in Events PR
    Joined TFP in 2013
  • Darrell Baker
    Darrell Baker
    Over 20 years' experience in furniture operations/installation management
    Joined TFP in 2007
  • Lynsey Brough
    Lynsey Brough
    BA (Hons) Interior Architecture
    Joined TFP in 2015
  • Matt Davies
    Matt Davies
    BSc Materials Technology
    Over 20 years' experience in furniture consultancy
    Joined TFP in 2003
  • Anita Halai
    Anita Halai
    BSc (Hons) ACCA
    Joined TFP in 2014
  • Lee Jackson
    Lee Jackson
    Over 20 years' experience in furniture consultancy
    Joined TFP in 1997
  • Fredrika Juhlin
    Fredrika Juhlin
    Quality and Environment Rep.
    Joined TFP in 2005
  • Tony Kay
    Tony Kay
    Over 12 years' experience in high-end installations
    Joined TFP in 2007
  • Ken Kelly
    Ken Kelly
    Over 20 years' experience in furniture consultancy
    Founder of TFP, est. 1997
  • Rachel Kempster
    Rachel Kempster
    BA (Hons) Modern History & Politics
    Joined TFP in 2004
  • Christopher Lumb
    Christopher Lumb
    Over 10 years' experience in accountancy
    Joined TFP in 2016
  • Ineta Petraityte
    Ineta Petraityte
    Diploma in Business Management & Entrepreneurship
    Joined TFP in 2016
  • Amy Savidge
    Amy Savidge
    BA (Hons) Product Design
    Joined TFP in 2015
  • Selina Strowlger
    Selina Strowlger
    Over 20 years' experience in furniture consultancy
    Joined TFP in 2014
  • Katarina Venereau
    Katarina Venereau
    Over 10 years' experience in operations, sales and accounts
    Joined TFP in 2006
  • Richard Walker
    Richard Walker
    Over 38 years' experience in project management
    Joined TFP in 2014
  • Nancy Wilde
    Nancy Wilde
    BA (Hons) Economics
    Co-founder of TFP, est. 1997
  • Matthew Williams
    Matthew Williams
    Over 6 years' experience in managing projects
    Joined TFP in 2010