Highlights from 3 Days of Design 2024

July 03, 2024
Basilia Collection, Audo Copenhagen

Earlier in June, Copenhagen hosted 3 Days of Design, drawing visitors to explore innovative designs, inspiring exhibitions, and engaging discussions. This event solidified the Danish capital's reputation as a premier global design hub. Throughout the week, prominent themes emerged, spotlighting the vibrant use of colour, with brands showcasing hues like aubergine, deep earthy reds, soft buttery yellows, and brushed aluminium frames. Unique design details were prevalent, emphasising individuality in new products. Additionally, manufacturers highlighted honest design, celebrating craftsmanship by revealing construction details instead of concealing them and demonstrating transparency in sustainability performance. Read on for our top furniture highlights from 3 Days of Design 2024!

eave seamline
Eave Seamline, Audo Copenhagen

Eave Seamline – Audo Copenhagen

Designed by Norm Architects, Audo Copenhagen launched Eave Seamline, a modular sofa series marrying creativity, comfort, and customisation. Inspired by architectural elements from the original Eave collection, each module features clean lines, stitch details, and a mix of concave and convex forms. With nine versatile pieces from corners to chaise longues, Eave Seamline allows seamless assembly into tailored sectional sofas.

RFH Lounge Chair, &Tradition
Arum Portable Lamp, Ferm Living

RFH Lounge Chair – &Tradition

The RFH Lounge Chair, a testament to Robin Day's design legacy, embodies a soft and inviting aesthetic reminiscent of its armchair counterpart. Designed with compact dimensions and crafted from FSC® certified wood, it not only enhances living spaces with its striking silhouette but also promotes sustainable practices in forest management, ensuring ecological responsibility and durability for years to come.

Arum Portable Lamp – Ferm Living

Crafted from powder-coated iron and aluminium, the Arum Portable Lamp by Ferm Living is a USB-C rechargeable LED light. Its slender stem supports a petal-shaped shade that offers adjustable ambient lighting through a three-step touch dimmer. Available in five colours, it combines durability with elegant design for versatile use anywhere.

Ribbon, Fredericia
Pioneer Stool, Fredericia

Ribbon – Fredericia

Fredericia partnered with Sheworks Atelier to launch the Ribbon textile for the Søborg chair, repurposing waste into unique designs. Sheworks Atelier transforms surplus textiles into bespoke products, supporting vulnerable women with crafting talents in the local community. This locally made textile extends material life, reduces wear with ribbon-covered stitches, and halves the Søborg chair’s CO2 emissions, using 30 kg of waste textiles for 50 chairs.

Pioneer Stool – Fredericia

The Pioneer stool offer a contemporary take on Scandinavian design, blending comfort, functionality, and stylistic aesthetics. The design showcases a plush, rounded seat atop a graceful wooden frame. The legs intersect in a cross pattern with refined contours that provide sturdy support for the cushioned upholstery, resulting in a distinctive blend of shapes and materials.

Patched Side Table, Jacob Egeberg
Patched Side Table, Jacob Egeberg

Patched Side Table – Tableau, Jacob Mathias

STUDIO Jacob Mathias Egeberg, led by Copenhagen-based designer Jacob Mathias, innovates with vibrant, unconventional domestic and retail designs. The Patched Side Table serves dual roles as a playful reinterpretation of a classic design, functioning as both a side table and stool. Crafted from birch veneer with automotive paint and aluminium patches, it adds colour and character to any space, from living rooms to bedside settings.

Tulipan, +Halle
Kristina Dam
Soltitude, Kristina Dam

Tulipan – +Halle

Tulipan by London's Industrial Facility offers a soft enclosure for private moments within open-plan spaces. Designed to provide comfort and discretion, its rotating walls create a micro-quiet space with a small footprint, redefining privacy in shared environments without the formality of traditional enclosed structures.

Solitude Lounge Chair – Kristina Dam

The Solitude Lounge Chair, influenced by Bauhaus and Japanese design, features offset armrests for versatile seating options. Upholstered in luxurious Italian Bouclé in grey and beige, it complements its durable stainless-steel frame, blending art with minimalist comfort. This statement piece embodies Kristina Dam’s commitment to creating functional furniture with an enduring aesthetic appeal.

ReThink, Kvadrat

ReThink – Kvadrat, Maxwell Ashford

Kvadrat showcased ReThink by Maxwell Ashford, bringing diverse cultural and cross-disciplinary perspectives, exploring sustainability through artistry and technology. Tote bags at the fair displayed environmental impact data via CO2eq emissions and Eco-Cost figures on labels resembling garment tags, promoting transparency and sustainability efforts. During the fair, a limited quantity of these bags were available via QR code donation to support Cool Earth’s initiatives against deforestation and climate change, fostering ecological innovation.

F300 Chair, Gubi
Beetle in Recycled Plastic, Gubi

F300 Chair – Gubi

The F300 Lounge Chair, designed by Pierre Paulin, swiftly became an icon renowned for its playful design and exceptional comfort, securing a prestigious spot in MoMA's permanent collection. Rooted in the relaxed lounge aesthetics of the 1970s, its aesthetic seamlessly merges comfort with a timeless futuristic appeal. Crafted in Italy using HiREK®, an engineered polymer made from recycled industrial plastic waste, the F300 achieves a sleek finish without additional processing.

Beetle Chair in Recycled Plastic – Gubi

Launching in September 2024, GUBI introduces recycled plastic versions of the iconic Beetle Chair. Utilising advanced technology and custom materials that maintain quality while reducing virgin plastic use by half, the chairs are offered in new colours and paired with sustainable upholstery options like Acca and Acca Stripe from Kvadrat’s Sahco collection, as well as eco-friendly leather alternatives such as Paloma and Valencia.

Ceramic Table, Hay
Woodwerk, Massproductions

Ceramic Table – Hay

Designed by Muller Van Severen, the Ceramic Table embodies their hallmark minimalism and bold use of colour, making it a distinctive outdoor addition. With its round porcelain tabletop supported by a steel tube column and concrete base, the table strikes a balance of elegance and solidity. Its universal appeal and durability ensure seamless integration with various HAY chairs, offering versatility in enhancing outdoor spaces with both style and functionality.

Woodwerk – Massproductions

Woodwerk elegantly solves the dilemma of blending curved backrests with geometric wooden chairs, preserving formality without sacrificing comfort. Designed by Chris Martin, its innovative design allows the wooden elements to harmonize seamlessly through a unique rotation mechanism in the back legs. Crafted entirely in-house using sophisticated 5-axis CNC machinery, Woodwerk embodies a perfect marriage of craftsmanship and precision, ensuring efficiency in both production and environmental impact.

We hope you enjoyed our furniture highlights from this years' 3 Days of Design in Copenhagen, for more information, please get in touch via our contact page.

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