Clerkenwell Design Week 2024 Highlights

June 03, 2024
mater alder collection
Alder, Mater

Clerkenwell Design Week (CDW) celebrated its 15th year with a packed programme of events, open showrooms, talks, and exhibitions from May 21-23, 2024. As an important design destination and home to TFP London, CDW showcased the latest in forward-thinking design. Key themes included a strong focus on sustainability, with brands highlighting materiality and production methods, increased ergonomic designs, customisable designs for flexible spaces, and products that emphasise the intersection of tradition, craftsmanship, and modern design. Read on for our top furniture highlights from CDW 2024!

casta - andreu world
Casta, Andreu World
bolete lounge - andreu world
Bolete Lounge BIO®, Andreu World

Casta – Andreu World

Taking a contemporary approach to the Castilian chair, the Casta collection merges tradition, craftsmanship, and modern design, providing durable, elegant pieces for all spaces. Offering ergonomic comfort with 100% FSC wood and 100% recyclable leather, this collection is designed for ease of disassembly giving each piece a second life.

Bolete Lounge BIO®Andreu World

A new modular sofa, designed by Patricia Urquiola, features a striking and versatile personality. The Bolete Lounge can be used as a single piece or in curved compositions, with a central base, made from recyclable BIO® Thermo-polymer. The modern upholstery is customisable with various fabrics. Cradle to Cradle certified, it supports circular economy principles by allowing components to be easily recycled.

ray - brunner
Ray Work, Brunner
heb - +halle
HEB, +Halle

Ray Work – Brunner

Brunner showcased Ray Work, their latest addition to the Ray collection. This versatile chair combines collaboration, meeting, and desk functionalities, with automatic weight control and adjustable features, ensuring ergonomic comfort. Available in six colours, its intelligent mesh material adapts to the user, while maintaining the sleek design of the original ray chair with tapered arms.

HEB Collection – +Halle

+Halle showcased new HEB Collection additions, including a 120cm diameter, outdoor, and high counter tables. Versatile and expressive, HEB tables feature durable industrial HEB beams, soft lines, bright colours, and a glossy finish, encouraging gatherings and enhancing any space.

bit lounge chair - normann copenhagen
Bit Lounge Chair, Normann Copenhagen
alder - mater
Alder, Mater

Bit Lounge Chair – Normann Copenhagen

The Bit Lounge Chair, made from recycled plastic waste, offers a unique pixelated design and durability for indoor and outdoor use. Part of a collection with various furniture pieces, designed by Simon Legald, blending indoor and outdoor living for a range of diverse environments.

Alder – Mater

The Alder Collection, designed by Patricia Urquiola, features biodegradable Matek™ made from coffee or wood waste and sugarcane-based biodegradable plastic. This collaboration emphasises sustainable design, using renewable resources instead of fossil fuels. Inspired by nature's curves and forms, the earthy-hued collection is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, reflecting modern living's versatile spaces.

balance collection  - modus
Balance Lite, Modus
parasol lamp
Parasol Lamp, Charlie Humble-Thomas

Balance Lite – Modus

The newest addition to the Balance family, Balance Lite, in high and mid-back profiles, features lightweight cast aluminium armrests and cushioned upholstery for comfort. This functional, everyday work chair has a refined commercial profile, ideal for modern, agile workspaces.

Parasol Lamp – Charlie Humble-Thomas

The Parasol Lamp designed by Charlie Humble Thomas, is an innovative light design, inspired by factory machinery. The unique design allows you to adjust lighting by tilting the shade, rotating 180° for versatile options. Handcrafted in London from powder-coated steel, nylon, and aluminium with precision CNC-machined components and a custom coiled cord, it combines functionality and aesthetics.

gruuve - moroso
Gruuve, Moroso
contour - senator
Contour, Senator

Gruuve – Moroso

A statement sofa that transforms any living area, designed by Patricia Urquiola. Capturing the 1970s spirit with a contemporary twist on a nonconformist, modular design, its fluid, irregular lines provide dynamism and flexibility.

Contour – Senator

Contour, a versatile chair designed by Pearson Lloyd. Crafted with circular design principles, it features a single-piece plastic backrest for ergonomic support across various settings like offices, healthcare, and education. Made from recycled materials, Contour features easily repairable parts and optional base choices, catering to different work needs.

We hope you enjoyed our product picks from this years' Clerkenwell Design Week, for more information, please get in touch via our contact page.

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