Diageo Global HQ

Located within the heart of London's hospitality community, Diageo's Global HQ is a destination where workspace, brand and hospitality blend seamlessly. The award-winning space, designed by MCM, fuses creativity and innovation to ignite inspiration and collaboration among colleagues and customers.

MCM Architecture + Design
London, UK
Completed 2022
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Creating a premium workspace to foster inclusivity and support hybrid work

Intrinsic within the design vision was to create a premium workspace that would embrace efficient, agile and smart-based working while supporting an inclusive and purpose-led culture. The new space consolidates multiple London-based locations into one building, creating an inspiring environment for over 900 Diageo employees to collaborate and reconnect while also bringing colleagues closer to their consumers and clients.

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A destination designed with Diageo

A key element of the project's design, led by MCM, was to create a workspace that supported employee needs and fostered inclusivity. As appointed furniture consultant, TFP engaged with the project team through a series of workshops to capture the company and employee requirements across all work floors and breakout areas, as well as unique spaces like a yoga studio, wellness floor, bars and terraces and training suites. This process ensured that the furniture selected during the specification process not only met the company's needs but also provided significant benefits to its people, fostering a sense of inclusivity, collaboration and wellbeing.

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Bespoke design and high-end finishes for an 'on brand' experience

Luxurious and high-end finishes are seamlessly integrated throughout the new headquarters, ensuring an on-brand experience for employees and visitors alike. TFP collaborated with MCM during the specification process to maintain the desired look and feel across the furniture fabrics and finishes, leveraging our manufacturer relationships to develop several custom products. A bespoke 7.2m boardroom table with marble and copper-toned metal finishes draws inspiration from Diageo's industry-leading and globally recognised brand.

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Achieving BREEAM certification

To meet the project's BREEAM certification target, TFP ensured that all products selected met the required sustainability criteria while also consolidating all the necessary documentation and information related to the furniture and materials used in the project.


Setting a benchmark for exceptional workplace design

In addition to its successful implementation, the project has received recognition in the form of two workplace awards: the BCO Regional Award for Best 'Fit Out of Workplace,' and ‘Mixology23 Project of the Year: Workplace Interiors 70k+ sq ft’ award.

The Diageo Global HQ project not only brings employees together in a single location but also prioritises their wellbeing and creates a workspace that reflects Diageo's brand identity. TFP collaborated closely with all members of the project consultancy team, assuming full responsibility for all furniture-related matters and ensuring that every aspect of the furnishings aligned with the project's vision and requirements.

Photography by: Jack Hobhouse
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