Darktrace London

Darktrace’s new London office is designed to support the business's growing team. TFP was brought in to develop a furniture package that would suit a variety of work styles and could be easily reproduced across the company's global locations.

ODB Group

Fast-growing company

Darktrace’s new London base occupies the top floors of the iconic 80 Strand, an Art Deco building with fantastic views across London. Moving from a simple office which they were fast out-growing, Darktrace wanted their workspace to have a strong visual identity with generous furniture solutions developed around their working needs. Working in collaboration with ODB Group, TFP was tasked with developing a specification that could also be reemployed in several Darktrace offices internationally.


New ways of working

With multiple teams working on confidential projects, Darktrace needed a flexible office space with team-breakout areas alongside private workspaces. Low-level lounge seating and higher-set communal desks ensure a variety of social areas, whilst booths and individual seating provide opportunities for solo work. An upper café area incorporates soft seating and a bar, offering further dedicated social space.

We worked closely with Darktrace and ODB Group to balance the client’s practical needs with a tailored aesthetic designed to work with the finish and feel of the building. Taking advantage of its generous windows and impressive views, the furniture specification complements the building’s open, welcoming feel: muted, neutral and grey tones create a warm but professional setting, whilst sleek boardrooms further instil confidence in visiting clients.


Sustainable choices

Sustainability was a priority for the client, who wanted furniture specified to be considered with the same environmental consciousness as the building’s finishes and fittings. Selecting furniture manufactured using recycled and recyclable materials helped us to meet the client’s goal of securing SKA Gold accreditation.

Photography by: Billy Bolton