Top Furniture Picks from 3 Days of Design 2023

June 20, 2023
+HALLE Heb Table

Earlier in the month, the Danish capital welcomed visitors to experience new designs, inspiring exhibitions, and countless conversations for 3 Days of Design, a design event firmly cementing Copenhagen as one of the most exciting design capitals in the world. Brands showcased product launches among existing collections, such as Fredericia with their latest Niveau tables and Gomo lounge collection, or emerging Finnish brand, Vaarni, who presented their first collection made entirely of pine in Tableau's iconic concept store. Here, Rosie Anna Callanan, Senior BTR Account Manager, and Alice Davies, Marketing Manager, reveal their furniture favourites from the 2023 edition of the festival.

Gomo Lounge Chair - Fredericia
Gomo Lounge Chair + Niveau Table - Fredericia

Gomo Lounge – Fredericia

A new lounge collection comprised of an armchair and sofa, Fredericia's Gomo range, designed by Hugo Passos, has a bold and dynamic profile yet maintains a lightness due to the curves and angles. Designed with circularity in mind, the upholstery and padding are fully removable and replaceable, ensuring flexibility for future purposes. Rosie comments -

The discreet zip running down the back of the chair is fantastic in highlighting the importance of circularity in design; being able to clean or refresh individual components of furniture is a crucial design feature we having been seeing a lot of this year.

OTO Bench - Mattiazzi x Studio Œ

OTO Collection – Mattiazzi

From the Berlin designer-duo, Lisa Ertel and Anne-Sophie Oberkrome (Studio Œ), OTO for Mattiazzi is a collection of console tables and benches of varying heights aimed to be a 'mobile extension of architecture'. While simple in structure - two vertical pieces and one horizontal - the designs have a playful character due to the curved beam edges.

121 Scarpa Dining Chair - Karakter
121 Scarpa Chair - +HALLE

121 Scarpa Dining Chair – Karakter

First inspired by a sketch, the 121 Scarpa Chair was brought to life by design-couple Afra and Tobia Scarpa in 1965. The chair is characterised by a robust wood frame contrasted against the lightness of the back and seat, a prime example of the design-duo's work that was pivotal in shaping Italian design in the 70s and 80s.

Burra Lounge Chair - Normann Copenhagen

Burra Lounge Chair – Normann Copenhagen

Burra was one of the most notable design launches from Danish design brand Normann Copenhagen this year. A series of dining and lounge chairs, whose name is derived from the plump, soft Italian cheese, Burra is a study of softness with a chunky yet refined form that lends itself to maximum comfort. Alice notes –

Burra really stood out to me, particularly the lounge version which is fitted with a swivel base. The exaggerated form and curved back into armrests moulds around you for ultimate comfort. It has a playful character and to me, almost anthropomorphic qualities.

HEB Table - +HALLE
HEB Table - +Halle

HEB Table – +HALLE

Featuring a cut-to-measure, recycled H-beam as a base, the new HEB table collection from +HALLE is characterised by soft lines, mix-and-match colours and range of shapes and sizes. Designed by Copenhagen-based duo, Krøyer-Sætter-Lassen, the HEB tables exemplify resourcefulness by using recycled aluminium beams and industrial practices, yet provide a tactile and contemporary feel through the matt tops with gloss edging.

Lily + Petal Tables - Mater
Lily + Petal Tables - Mater

Lily & Petal Tables – Mater Design

Showcasing their designs in one of Copenhagen's most historic churches, Helligaandskirken, Mater presented the new Lily and Petal Tables made from their circular waste material, Matek®. The material is made from a combination of either coffee waste or wood waste mixed with industrial plastic waste, resulting in a natural feel with an aesthetic similar to stone or marble.

The tactile nature and the similarity to a stone material really emphasises the versatility that circular product Matek® can offer as a substitute to its non-waste counterpart. The new table collections have a sophisticated feel, certainly not what you'd imagine for something made from waste.

Softcolumn Table by Fogia

Softcolumn Table – Fogia

Adaptable and multi-functional, the Softcolumn family designed by Björn Dahlström in collaboration with Swedish manufacturer, Fogia, launched during the fair in their Copenhagen showroom. The table has integrated power with concealed USB input making it perfect for touch-down work or meetings, Dahlström also explains that he wanted to 'add the softness, warmth and textile qualities to the basic function of the table'.

Vaarni debut collection at Tableau showroom
Vaarni debut collection at Tableau showroom


Pine revolution! As sustainability continues to steer the agenda for many designers and brands, aprominent theme at this year's festival was the resurgence of pine furniture. Vaarni was one such example that exemplified the possibilities of pinein their debut at Tableau's experimental concept store and studio at Kongensgade 50. The Finnish furniture manufacturer, which uses only local pine - one of the fastest growing sources of wood on the planet - curated a sophisticated collection of products in collaboration with an exciting lineup of artists and designers.

We loved the presence of pine across the fair, also noting new launches from larger furniture brands such as Normann Copenhagen and Ferm LIVING to more experimental brands. The pieces from Vaarni presented at Tableau were fun, robust and characterful, a particular favourite was the 004 Coffee Table that featured notch joints inspired by traditional Finnish log houses, only somewhat more exaggerated.

MarmoMarmo marble table
MarmoMarmo marble table


Launching a new studio during 3 Days of Design, MarmoMarmo presented new releases, prototypes, and a wide display of their marble samples from various regions across Italy. A stand-out piece was the Giallo Siena table - a soon to be launched piece designed by Søren Rose Studio, made from a striking yellow marble.

Gubi 3days of design party
V11 Lounge Chair + Footstool - Gubi

V11 Lounge Chair & Ottoman – Gubi

Situated on the Nordhavnen waterfront, the Gubi showroom is a lofty 2000 sq/m space filled with iconic and contemporary designs. The V11 Lounge Chair and Ottoman, originally designed in the 60s by Illum Wikkelsø, returned to production by Gubi this year with a few updates, including an FSC®-certified wood frame and several upholstery options.

Dal Piece Table - Ferm Living
Dal Piece Table - Ferm Living

Dal Piece Table – Ferm LIVING

Often inspired by the rawness of the natural landscapes of Norway, artist Anna Maria Øfstedal Eng creates sculptural furniture pieces and objects that challenge the boundaries between art and functionality. In her latest collaboration with Danish design brand, Ferm LIVING, Øfstedal Eng presents the Dal Piece table, made entirely of recycled casted aluminium and modelled of the brutal aesthetic of a mountainside in Eastern Norway.

Gridlock shelving - Massproductions
Gridlock shelving - Massproductions

Gridlock – Massproductions

A customisable and modular wall-mounted shelving system, Gridlock is the latest launch from Swedish furniture brand, Massproductions, run by designers Magnus Elebäck and Chris Martin. Acting as an extension of the building's architecture, the modular system is made from FSC-certified ash wood and features curved edges that soften the gridded structure.

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