The Furniture Practice Report: Spring / Summer Fairs 2022

July 18, 2022

Following a brief hiatus from global furniture fairs, this year we've had the pleasure of touring three annual design events; Trends and Traditions, Milan Design Week, and 3 Days of Design.

We are very excited to share with you our Spring / Summer Fairs 2022 Report, which presents our insights and observations from these major design events. Discover our highlights from across the fairs, as well as the trends, colour directions and product launches to know now. You can also find out more about the themes shaping furniture design and production in our interviews with key voices in the industry.

We hope you find this report - our latest and most comprehensive yet - a pleasure to read, and that it provides you with inspiration for your current and future projects. If you would like to arrange a presentation of the report to your team, please email

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Andreu World Oru Table & Chairs
Oru table & chair; Andreu World, designed by Patricia Urquiola
Soft Works x Tableau
Soft Works x Tableau, 3 Days of Design (Photography by Michael Rygaard)
Divine Inspiration; Lee Broom, Milan Design Week
Divine Inspiration; Lee Broom, Milan Design Week (Photography by Luke Hayes)
Bukowski Chair, New Works
Bukowski Chair, New Works

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