Highlights from Trends & Traditions 2022

May 16, 2022
Trends & Traditions

Entering its 7th edition this year, Trends & Traditions is quickly becoming a key 'meet and greet' event in Scandinavia for designers, architects and manufacturers.

Held in Copenhagen, the fair shines a spotlight on the latest designs and innovations in materiality and processes from Danish and other European manufacturers. Held in a 100-year old former train workshop, the annual event provides the opportunity for designers to engage with and be inspired by the latest trends in design.

The theme at this years’ edition was Engaging People - by recognising that engagement correlates to our well-being, and thus our performance, how do we best mobilise spaces, furniture and design to engage people in a world of rapid change?

From multi-purpose and playful seating that allows for both work and play, to the revamp of the traditional desk to encourage collaborative conversation, here are our highlights from this year's Trends & Traditions.


Evoking free movement and enabling on-the-go productivity, the Sui Armchair designed by Raw Edges for +Halle is a prime example of multi-purpose furniture in public or work spaces. An elegant yet highly functional and comfortable chair that invites its user to relax, work, or a combination of both.

+Halle Sui Armchair
Sui Armchair, +Halle


Mater have created an innovative technology which allows the manufacturer to upcycle fiber-based waste materials with upcycled plastic waste. One example utilising this unique material is the Eternity Side Chair, made from coffee shell waste and upcycled industrial plastic waste.

Eternity Chair
Eternity Chair, Mater Design


Founded in 1943, Labofa are a Danish manufacturer passionate about quality craftsmanship and have an ambition to unite the past and present in future furniture classics.

The Mallow Collection is designed by renowned Note Design Studio, and is part of Labofa's contemporary range. The collection of chairs are playful and plush in design yet prioritise comfort, and the organic forms resemble a pile of marshmallows, thus the name, Mallow. Adding to the collection, the elegant Mallow Barstool was launched at Trends & Traditions.

Mallow Barstool, Labofa


The blurring of boundaries between the inside and out has long been apparent, but now, indoor and outdoor areas are merging to create 'liminal' spaces. These are characterised by the overlapping of areas and the breaking down of boundaries between indoors and out. This is where the Gubi Al Fresco collection comes in - a collection of archival and contemporary designs, as well as outdoor versions of their existing indoor portfolio.

Tropique, Gubi
Tropique Chair, Gubi


A new addition to the Circus Pouf Collection, the Duo see's the classic velour surface being replaced with two wool textiles in complementing tones, notably resembling the stripes of a circus tent.

Available in two sizes, Circus creates inviting, tactile environments which bring elements of warmth and depth to any interior.

Normann Copenhagen Circus Pouf
Circus Pouf Duo, Normann Copenhagen


As a tribute to Danish furniture design, the Japanese designer Kensaku Oshiro has created the Baia Chair, which unites Danish and Japanese design aesthetics.

The features of each component are perfectly balanced in the design, giving the chair a refreshing lightness and a unique, renewed appearance.

Baia chair
Baia Chair, DK3


Zen Pod is a quiet room equipped with plenty of functionality, and available in 3 sizes; small, medium and large. The design of the room takes inspiration from Japanese interiors, using welcoming, sympathetic materials such as glass, wood, wool, aluminium and steel.

Designed to seamlessly blend in with its surroundings, all of the features were carefully considered with functionality and aesthetics in mind - for example, the discrete ventilator fan on the ceiling and the shallow angle lighting.

Zen Pod, Abstracta
Zen Pod, Abstracta


The iconic 8000 Series Chair has been produced by Magnus Olesen since 1981. The recent relaunch of the chair see's a 80's revival, available in 9 new colours selected by the designer, all in FSC lacquered beech.

Magnus Olesen
8000 Series Chair, Magnus Olesen


In collaboration with German designer, Sebastian Herkner, Wendelbo have launched Case - a high back sofa collection enabling calmness, concentration and comfort. Serving as a room within a room, despite its generous dimensions the design of Case gives a slender and light appearance.

Case, Wendelbo
Case, Wendelbo


Kvadrat Really turns surplus and waste textiles into tabletops, hardboard and acoustic materials, the materials are manufactured in Denmark without the use of dyes, water or toxic chemicals in the production. Really is made from end-of-life cotton and wool sourced from the fashion and textile industries.

Holmris B8 now produce the Q20 work station with a Really top, currently available in two colours; cotton blue and cotton white.

Really Tabletop, Holmris
Really tabletop on Q20 desk, Holmris B8


Plyboard is a highly versatile and playful piece of furniture created by Blå Station's CEO and design manager, Johan Lindau. Made from well-tempered fir plywood, Plyboard is available in different colours created by a pigmented dye, and can be used as a stool, a seat or a table.

Plyboard, Blå Station
Plyboard, Blå Station


Woud has launched a new version of the original Pump Table Lamp – the Pump Pendant, designed by the Spanish design studio, Kutarq Studio.

The design of the Pump Pendant is inspired by the lightness of hot air balloons floating in the air, elegant and simple.

Pump Pendant, Woud
Pump Pendant, Woud

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