St Mary’s Calne School

Working with Woods Bagot, the global architecture studio dedicated to innovation and 'People Architecture', we helped create a perfect place for knowledge and imagination for the thriving community of girls at St Mary's Calne in Wiltshire.

St Mary’s Calne School
Woods Bagot
Wiltshire, UK
st mary's calne school

Undeniably contemporary in design, the award-winning new library sits comfortably among the campus's historic buildings overlooking the school's orchard. Inspired by the surrounding fruit trees, tall trunk-like steel beams rise from the ground floor, branching out to support the undulating timber ceiling above.

st mary calne school

Created as a hub for learning and socialising, the building shifts to meet various needs as you move through it – at the ground floor, a series of flexible and welcoming spaces are filled with comfortable seating to encourage collaboration and conversation. While on the upper level, the design takes on a quieter feel focusing on more dedicated study.

To suit the flow of spaces and help create the technology-rich and interactive learning experiences the school demanded, we crafted a bespoke furniture package including touch screen coffee tables, charging stations and specially made rugs for cable access.

st mary calne school exterior
Photography by Will Pryce

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