Globe Point

Real estate developer CEG appointed TFP for their first project in a landmark development in Temple, Leeds. We collaborated with Ekho Studio and the project team to deliver a highly flexible, design-led and durable furniture package emphasising locally sourced products.

Ekho Studio

A new landmark development in Leeds' business hub

CEG's new development in Temple, Leeds presented an opportunity to contribute to the area's thriving business community. Globe Point, the first of three planned within the development, serves as a gateway to the area, its narrow footprint bestowing it with a striking, angular facade. The flexible ground floor amenity areas, designed by Ekho Studio, have been conceived as a community space; the cafe space is a real focal point that brings people together and creates opportunities for events, social gatherings, collaboration and informal meetings.

CEG tasked TFP with developing a workspace furniture specification in collaboration with Ekho for the building's ground floor, with their ideal tenants – small, start-up creative companies – in mind.


Function and locality first

The brief was to select furniture that was honest and practical. With the space being a breakout work area as well as café and event space, it was crucial for the furniture to be flexible and easily moveable. We therefore selected products that allow for easy rearrangement to suit a variety of uses. We prioritised durability of the furniture throughout the specification process and focused on sourcing pieces as locally as possible. The vast majority of the furniture package was UK-manufactured, including several pieces supplied by manufacturers from Yorkshire.

Ahead of finalising the specification, we provided furniture samples for the client and design team's review to ensure the end product was exactly right. With the installation taking place over two days, we ensured that the delivery and handover with the project team went smoothly

Photography by: Tom Bird