TFP People: Nick Lyons, Head of TFP Scotland

July 21, 2022

Associate Director and Head of TFP Scotland, Nick Lyons, has had a busy month. Not only has he launched TFP’s latest office, in Glasgow, he’s also heading up our newly formed TFP Golf Club (14 members and counting…) as well as navigating ongoing DIY projects in his home…something of a love/hate relationship!

Any tips for a trip to Glasgow?

I’d suggest heading to the West End – it has an eclectic mix of traditional and modern, the architecture is beautiful, and there are brilliant art galleries and museums to visit. I’d also recommend spending time in the city centre – right in the heart of Glasgow on the river you will still see shipbuilding happening today, which is what the city is historically known for. And lastly, if you want to explore somewhere nearby, Loch Lomond is only 30 minutes from the city centre. The scenery and landscapes are one of a kind, it’s great for walking and hiking, and even water sports.

What do you get up to when you’re not Head of TFP Scotland? 

Being 6’7 with two lads who are also around the same height means basketball is a natural choice of hobbies – I like watching games and playing socially with my friends and family. Aside from basketball, golf is also a big passion of mine. Scotland has a record number of golf courses, and I’m looking forward to sharing some of these with the TFP team in our newly formed Golf Club!

Golf course

What excites you about working at TFP?

It’s exciting to be part of a company where everyone supports each other as part of one team, regardless of which office you’re based in. Having worked in the furniture industry for several years, I’m really impressed by the level of experience in the team, the joined-up process and culture of knowledge-sharing; I’m excited to support project teams and bring TFP’s approach and expertise to Scotland.

Which furniture brands or products should we know about now?

With the post covid return to the office (or at least in part) our clients and their design teams are creating more ‘hybrid’ type spaces supporting a variety of work styles. Thankfully the furniture industry has for the most part been developing products to support these work styles for sometime. In particular, Orangebox and Abstracta recognise the importance of changing workplaces whilst ensuring acoustic privacy is maintained. I really like Alea, an Italian manufacturer, who have developed beautifully designed furniture that is modular and interchangeable, ensuring longevity in the changing world of work. Sustainability is ‘front and centre’ in everything we do at TFP and I really love a British boutique manufacturer called FUZL, who have developed incredible origami style pieces that use no fixings or glues.

What trends are you seeing in the needs of clients and project teams today?

Businesses are looking to make their offices and spaces work harder to support a drastic shift in working styles, and varying employee needs and expectations. As part of this, flexibility is a key driver for many clients along with the seamless integration of furniture with technology to better support the user experience. With sustainability now at the forefront of many projects, businesses are striving to reach specific accreditations or net zero carbon. At TFP, we are challenging ourselves and the market to do better and we have several exciting brands and products that are truly innovating in the green economy.

Fuzl Chair
Fuzl Chair

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