Global Resources Company





Main Suppliers:

Brunner, Holmris, Knoll, La Palma, Muuto, Vitra

Occupying 60,000 sq ft of a prestigious St. James Square office building, the London headquarters for this global resources company has been elegantly designed and finished to accommodate their European executives.

Appointed as furniture consultants, The Furniture Practice undertook a full reuse analysis of their existing furniture to determine what could be repurposed to reduce their environmental impact whilst integrating into the new design. Working closely with Spacelab, the client and their internationally-dispersed stakeholders, TFP supplied furniture that contributed to a more modern and agile work environment – key spaces include the meeting rooms, private booths, café, work floors and lounge areas. Marrying the existing furniture with new designs to reflect the company’s brand identity was achieved through utilising TFP’s extensive supply chain, offering choice and variety whilst delivering best value for the client.

Photography: Henry Woide