A Team Away Day in the Sun!

Each year at TFP we hold an offsite company strategy day. This is a really important day in our yearly calendar, giving us the opportunity as a team to review our achievements, challenges and failures over the past year – and crucially, to develop goals and objectives for the future.

Feeling that high levels of Vitamin D would result in a more efficient and effective strategy day (duh), it was decided that the location for this year’s meeting would be Port de Soller, a rather lovely little horseshoe harbour in Mallorca. Lucky us.

Our team has grown quite considerably over the past 12 months, so this year’s strategy meeting was a timely opportunity for us all to come together to reflect on the past year and present our individual strategies for the year ahead. We also spent time talking about company culture at TFP (something that is very important to our team!), as well as the importance of being open and honest about challenging situations, and even celebrating failure (cue Astro Teller, ‘Captain of Moonshots’ for X, formerly Google X).

After two days of presentations and discussions, and a delicious closing dinner consisting of mountains of paella and several jugs of sangria, we made our way back to Blighty feeling refreshed and full of energy for the year ahead! Good work, team!