Meet the Team: Marie Duvivier, International Furniture Consultant

Meet Marie.

Born and raised in beautiful Normandy, Marie moved to Paris for her studies – acquiring a Masters in Engineering from EPF. Working mostly on residential projects until 2007, Marie made the journey across to London to begin her furniture career and it didn’t take long for us to find her. After 12 wonderful years she moved back to Paris, but couldn’t bear a life without TFP and so she is back with us as our International Furniture Consultant. Working closely with TFP London, Marie is our eyes on the ground for all projects in France.

What might we not know about you?

I can mirror-write…not very well, however!

How did you end up working in the furniture industry?

I arrived in London in 2007 because I wanted to live the experience of the amazing city. My technical background and my love for the design industry led me to my first job for a D&B company within the furniture industry.

What do you like about working at TFP?

I like that you get to meet and collaborate with a variety of people, personalities, skills and knowledge within the TFP team, clients and suppliers. Working on outstanding international projects, I’m so happy to now be the Paris-based contact.

Are there any standout projects you’ve worked on?

One from the TFP archives –  GDF Aberdeen (now Engie). I really enjoyed working on bespoke solutions for the client, I always like a technical challenge.

Do you have a favourite supplier or project?

I’ve always wanted to own a Togo sofa by Ligne Roset.

Anywhere you’d recommend for a holiday?

Val d’Isère – lots of skiing and cheese.

What are you most likely doing outside of work?

Socialising with my friends mostly, but I also love DIY projects – at the moment I am really into flocking accessories and apparel. I am also tutoring Maths to a couple of high school students.