77 Coleman




Buckley Gray Yeoman

Main Suppliers:

&Tradition, Fritz Hansen, Hay, Mobel Copenhagen

Overlooking Coleman Street Gardens in Moorgate, 77 Coleman spans 68,000 sq ft of new office, retail and hospitality space in one of London’s key leisure and business hubs.

Tasked with the redevelopment of the building, architecture practice Buckley Gray Yeoman (BGY) have achieved a design that is both reminiscent of the its history as a glass-making factory, whilst also creating a more contemporary feel through the new facade, floor-ceiling glazing and luxurious finishings throughout the interior.

The Furniture Practice procured the furniture for the spacious 4-metre high reception and breakout area, with the intent of complementing the high-quality finishings and materials of the building. Occupants and guests are welcomed into this elegant area with warm tones and enveloping lounge seating; not only designed as a comfortable space to wait, but one to work, meet and stay in for a little longer.


Photography: Dirk Linder