TFP does Tough Mudder!

Now that the bruising has faded and the flashbacks of plunging into a pit of ice are (almost) a distant memory, we thought we’d share a few photos from our Tough Mudder experience earlier this year.

It’s fair to say that the 11 mile obstacle course through the hills, valleys and fields of Culden Faw, a monster of an estate near Henley-on-Thames, was no mean feat. Our three TFP teams managed to make it through the muddy course, which included obstacles such as ‘The Block Ness Monster’, ‘Cage Crawl’ and ‘Mud Mile’ and past the final obstacle (a run through dangling wires charged at 10,000 volts) to the finish line. It was tough and it was muddy, but most of all it was a lot of fun! Not bad for a bank holiday weekend!

Before shottm3

After shotgroup after

Muddy trainers for charity tm5

Victory cidertm4